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Five tips for successfully deploying Maven

Maven is one of those things that people seem to hate rather intensely, but nevertheless adoption is steadily rising in the Java community. I've worked with Maven almost daily since the 1.0 betas, and here are five things that I think could help your team working more efficiently with Maven. Use a repository manager Specify plugin versions Learn how to use the dependency plugin Use the documentation Understand the conventions   Läs artikeln →

On layering in DDDSample

There has been considerable interest in the DDDSample application on the Swedish DDD user group mailing list - people are scrutinizing the code, asking questions and raising concerns. This last week has been mostly about layers and packages, and I think this blog is a good forum to provide a little background and explain the rationale behind how the sample application is structured.  Läs artikeln →

DSL for time and money

(Well, for time anyway) A couple of weeks ago, I did some work together with Eric Evans when he came to Uppsala to give his excellent course in domain driven design, which was co-hosted by Citerus and Patrik Fredriksson. Eric is the project leader of the Time and Money Java library, which makes working with dates, time intervals, currencies and so on a breeze. However, inspired by this article by Guillame Laforge, I wanted to see if I could create something similar by leveraging Groovy and the Time and Money library. These are a few simple examples that I came up with in an hour:  Läs artikeln →

Grails Pet Store 0.2 released

I finally managed to wrap up a semi-stable milestone of Grails Pet Store, and the roadmap is now available in the form of tagged issues. Hopefully there will be a live instance available Real Soon - watch this spot for updates.   Läs artikeln →

Running Spring on Google App Engine

In case you've been living under a rock the last couple of weeks, Google recently announced the addition of Java support to its App Engine. I have written a small sample application that leverages Spring and each of the Google infrastructure services that are exposed either as proprietary APIs or serves as backend to standard APIs. The application itself, Feeling Lucky Pictures, is very simple: you login using your Google account, and you import images from URLs into your personal gallery. You can also send an email with your pictures attatched.  Läs artikeln →

Groovy power

The concurrent API that was added to Java 5 is very powerful for sumbitting tasks to a worker thread pool, but when you combine it with the Groovy ability to implement single-method interfaces with closures you have a real winner.  Läs artikeln →

How to write an automated test for code that calls System.exit()

The other day I came across some code that during certain conditions was expected to call System.exit(). Naturally I wanted test coverage for that code too, but since any test calling the method in question would terminate the entire testrun I had to find a different approach. Here is one strategy that can be used.  Läs artikeln →

One Man's Entity Is Another Man's Value Object

One activity that we tend to spend some time on when doing Domain-Driven Design is the characterization of our classes into Entities of Value Objects. Entities and Value Objects are two fundamental building blocks that we use to handle complexity and help us further deepen our understanding of the problem domain. Careful characterization can make our design simpler, yet more powerful.  Läs artikeln →

Lundgrens Lag / Lundgren's Law

"Varje nytt sätt att bedriva produktutveckling på, som har potential att vara mycket bättre än de befintliga, kommer över tiden att perverteras till en variant på vattenfallsutveckling. "Every new way of developing products, that has potential of being a substantial improvement over the current ways, will eventually be corrupted into a form of waterfall process, at which point it will be dismissed with the conclusion 'we knew that it wouldn't be any better all along'"  Läs artikeln →

Från Java till Groovy

Kan du Java och är nyfiken på Groovy? Följ med när Peter Backlund steg för steg portar kod från Java till Groovy, och lär dig om hur Groovys dynamiska egenskaper kan vara till nytta för dig.  Läs artikeln →

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