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Your Build, Lava Lamps and Clojure

After a Javaform JUG meet-up this fall I happened to talk with @matkar (of Javaforum and Jfokus fame) at the pub following the meeting. He very convincingly described how great it is to use lava lamps as a visual tool for showing current build status. Actually, he pretty much insisted that I'd set it up immediately in my current project. Well, it did sound like fun, so I got started. This blog post will layout what you need and how to create your own lava lamp powered visual workspace!  Läs artikeln →

Should we ban Kanban?

In the wake of organizations just beginning to reap benefits from agile practices, some of them are already starting to look for the next thing. A natural way to look now is towards Lean product development companies as they seem to have a firm grasp of development practices since decades ago that we in the software industry have been somewhat oblivious to.  Läs artikeln →

Building with Tycho -“ part 2

RCP applications: Building RCP applications (products) have always been quite smooth when working from within Eclipse IDE. To me, it is extremely important that the development team can easily build their product and have continuous integration of the product on a CI server such as Hudson.This post shows you how to build a simple Eclipse RCP app with Tycho.  Läs artikeln →

Using your Gmail as a simple mail Kanban

If you use Gmail, or any other similar web mail, you know how it works - instead of a scrolling list of mail, you get to choose to show 25, 50 or 100 mail per page. I'm a fan of some aspects of GTD and the way to deal with mail in particular as it got me back in control of the constant inflow of mail to my mailbox for the first time in 20 years or so! But the fact that I had to switch between pages to get an overview of all my mail annoyed me, being an old (and avid) Outlook user. Then I realized that this was in fact a Kanban limit. (Or a WIP limit to be precise, if we consider queued email to be constantly gnawing away at the back of our mind, stealing focus and causing stress)   Läs artikeln →

Enkel introduktion till lättrörlig produktutveckling

För verksamheter och företag som blivit nyfikna på vad som händer inom lättrörlig (agil) utveckling och hur de kan tillämpa praxis själva håller jag ett föredrag och grundutbildning om detta. Jag har destillerat ner de viktigaste delarna i en liten bok på 11 sidor med titeln Introduktion till lättrörlig produktutveckling med Lean och Scrum som du kan läsa eller ladda ned i PDF eller till din favoritläsare (jag använder själv Sonys PRS-600). I den sätter jag verktyg som Kanban, pulsmöten, visuell styrning i samband med att organisera, leda och arbeta i en lättrörlig verksamhet.  Läs artikeln →

Hur jag använder DDD i mitt projekt

Jag har haft möjlighet att praktisera domändriven design i ett av mina uppdrag, och jag tänker försöka beskriva hur det är att jobba på det sättet, varför det kan leda till högre kvalitet och produktivitet samt dela med mig av några tips och erfarenheter.  Läs artikeln →

Building with Tycho -“ part 1

OSGi bundles: This post will be the first in a series of posts covering building OSGi bundles/Eclipse RCP applications with Tycho.  Läs artikeln →

The Scrum Picture Debate

There's some discussion regarding the way Scrum is depicted in books and articles. Although the difficult part about agile work should not be about a process image, I have to agree that I too found the pictures lacking somewhat in focus, always tending to convey the notion that stuff just went through the loops once. As air in a trombone.  Läs artikeln →

Software craftsmanship, and a bread machine

So, I bought myself a bread machine. Eager to try it out as I came home, I immediately decided to program it to produce a french bread for breakfast the next day. Adding all the ingredients was simple enough, and then it's just the simple matter of selecting the bread type, size, crust, and finally my breakfast time... And this is where things went wrong. Instead of just entering the time as "9:00", I was presented with "3:50" in the display. Checking the manual revealed that this was the total baking time for this type of bread. "Oh, jolly. It takes you 3 hours 50 to bake a french bread. Good for you. Now, where do I enter my breakfast time?" Except I couldn't. According to the manual, I have to take the number of hours left to breakfast, subtract the total baking time, and give that number to the machine. Hold on, it gets worse.  Läs artikeln →

The top six technical practices every Product Owner must know about

So, you have made it. You are the Product Owner of the company's flagship product. Now you will spend your days thinking about business value and customer satisfaction, and leave all that technical stuff to the development team - you never understood it anyway.  Unfortunately, you're not off the hook so easily. In order to correctly prioritize the product backlog, you need to be aware of some of the technical items that will need to be included there. You need to understand the value of these items and recognize the terms the development team throws at you.  Or worse, if the developers do not throw these terms at you, you will need to demand of the team they start using the technical practices you deem most valuable to your product.    Läs artikeln →

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