Product Discovery Master Class

Product Discovery Master Class

Building the right product

Every two weeks we meet, remotely, for three hours to learn—and get inspired around different topics—and help each other with our current product challenges.

“Citerus’ Product Discovery Master Class plants seeds that make the right ideas thrive, mixed with deep dive sessions crunching relevant business and product related challenges. It’s the highlight of the week!”

— Nicklas Tingström, Founder of

Details about the program

Citerus PDMC is a program that runs continuously every third week, from September to June, helping startups and product teams with their product discovery and business development. We meet in Zoom from 1 pm to 4 pm.

New participants can join at any time during the year. The first session is free, and then a 12-month membership fee of 9900 SEK. And yes, you’ll get access to all previous content and a discount on other Citerus offers.

Next Session 13/1

Purpose: Find simplicity on the far side of complexity.

Why this? Why now? Why us? The trick when it comes to strategy is that there are no tricks. Yes, the strategy statement needs to be simple, but it needs to be based on a deep understanding of the world and the particular strengths and weaknesses of your team or organisation. You need to find simplicity in a complex world. There, on the far side of complexity, you will find your purpose, if you know how to look for it. In this session, I will share some practices and sources of inspiration that will help you improve your strategic skills. We will also talk about the size of prize and the right to win using the story of David and Goliath from an unusual perspective. 

Future Topics on Strategy

  • Jobs to be done growth strategy
  • Promise: sharpen your value proposition
  • Identify your measures of success
  • Scalability and defendability
  • Positioning and taking a stance
  • Planning: What must become true for this to happen?
  • Outside-in strategy review

Program Managers

Teddy ZetterlundExperienced product coach with a mission, help companies improve their products, and product discovery and development capabilities.

Gustaf BrandbergFounder and former CEO of Citerus, partner at Gullspång and investor in companies such as Klarna, Starbreeze, Epidemic Sound, Oatly and NICK’S.