Esbjörn Hyltefors

As an Agile Coach, I believe in servant leadership and autonomous, cross-functional teams with the responsibility and the means to observe and adapt. My goal is continuous delivery of knowledge and value according to the business needs of the client. To achieve this, I help teams and leaders to identify and take the next logical step in their Agile transformation journey.
As an Agile Transformation Agent:

  • My starting point is coaching and facilitating, delivering the container rather than the content.
  • When needed I introduce Agile tools and perspectives that help the teams be even more effective and efficient.
  • My focus is to be a catalyst for the changes that “want to happen” within teams and the whole organisation.
  • I coach the organisation to trust the process and live by the Agile principles.

As a Lean Practitioner:

  • I aim for autonomous and cross-functional teams.
  • I empower the teams to make their own decisions and continuously improve
  • I coach the teams to focus on optimising flow, creating value and removing waste.

My professional experience cover a wide range of Agile roles, including Product Owner, Scrum Master, Lean/Agile Coach.

Roller: Agil coach, Agil produktägare, Förändringsledare
E-post: [email protected]
Mobil: ‭070-996 69 44‬

Vill du ha hjälp av Esbjörn, maila Cecilia på [email protected] eller ring på 070-710 62 83.