Johan Söderström

Johan Söderström

Johan Söderström

Agil coach

Johan arbetar med såväl team som organisationer med frågor kring förbättring och förändring och har ett brett register av kompetenser.

How to do meetings remotely, on site or in hybrid mode after the pandemic 2021-06-21 - Introduction Recent years we have experienced leaps forward when it comes to remote collaboration tools.  With Slack and Teams we can now create chat rooms around topics and enjoy a continuous flow of communication.Whiteboard tools such as Miro or Mural enable us to visualize complex issues online.Google meet and Zoom are further tools that have […]
A Jira filter to Slack bot using Google Sheets 2021-03-15 - How to create a workflow to send messages in Slack based on Google Sheets or Jira content I wanted to have a weekly notification in our team Slack channel based on the status of our Jira tickets. We already get messages when a particular watched Jira issue is changed but I was rather looking for […]
Going to DevOps – an example 2020-05-14 - How we turned unachievable requirements to an acceptance of a DevOps methodology by realizing that traditional methods would not allow us to work efficiently enough and showing that to the rest of the organisation. Our system would have to run at 99,99% was the new message from our business. That number in itself does not […]

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