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DDD Mjukvaruhantverk

Tackling complexity in the heart of software

This blog post is a compilation of my thoughts from two meetups that me and my colleagues at Citerus hosted last fall with the topic Cynefin ♥ DDD. The purpose of the meetups was to explore the relationship between the Cynefin framework and Domain-Driven Design. To get the most out of this blog post it’s […]

DDD Mjukvaruhantverk Teknik

Från idé till fungerande mjukvara

Vår omgivning blir allt mer komplex och de system vi utvecklar förutsätts kunna lösa allt mer komplicerade problem. För att lyckas med detta behöver vi få till ett kreativt samarbete mellan utvecklare och verksamhetsexperter. Vi behöver också tillgång till verktyg och metoder för att stötta oss under utvecklingsarbetet.

DDD Teknik

The rise of the anemic domain model

As an object-oriented programmer, the transition to Scala and functional programming has been a rollercoaster of emotions. As I ride along, my intention is to write about my observations and what I have learned. The first obvious difference, and one that has been a bit hard to swallow, has been the rise of the anemic domain model.

DDD Metod Teknik

The Inaugural Meetup

In the wake of the DDD EU conference we felt an urge to gather the DDD community in Stockholm and create a place where we can share thoughts and insights. Together with Dan Bergh Johnsson we created the Meetup-group Domain-Driven Design Stockholm. Read about it here.