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Reflections from DroidCon Berlin 2021

DroidCon Berlin is a 3-day conference and it’s one of many Android conferences happening all over the world each year. I think this is one of the best Android conferences you can find as it’s well placed in Berlin for anyone traveling from within the EU. This is a great place to meet other developers and learn about the latest and greatest in Android and Kotlin right now. Everyone speaks English and there are talks from beginner to advanced level so it is a good fit for most.  

It was great to finally be able to travel abroad again. While I was a bit hesitant at first it turned out to be a quite safe and well prepared venue with clear rules and safety measures. The conference itself had a large variety of different talks. I was expecting quite a few on Jetpack Compose and I wasn’t disappointed 😀

I didn’t meet many Swedish people there but I met people from many other places and backgrounds instead which I find to be a great source of sharing new experiences and different points of view.
I always pick up a few pieces of knowledge here and there during a conference, like: Tips on improving accessibility in my apps, writing maintainable code, speeding up my builds/coding and much more. This time was no different. The most powerful takeaway was seeing and hearing about new standards and libraries, to get a feeling of how they work and how they can benefit for you and your customers in the future.

By Peter Törnhult

Android utvecklare, Techcoach, Scrum master

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