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The dawn of the Citerus-Atomic exchange program!

It’s finally time for the start of the exchange program with Atomic Object. Tomorrow I will leave for Grand Rapids, Michigan.

mattias-holmqvistTomorrow it’s time for me to embark the plane on my journey towards Grand Rapids, MI and the start of the first episode of our exchange program with Atomic Object.

I’m looking forward to meeting all of the cool people of Atomic and no doubt I will learn a lot of new stuff.

I will have the chance to work with Atomic during a week on one of their Ruby on Rails projects. This is really exciting since this is completely new ground for me. Although I’ve looked at Ruby (and Rails), I’ve never had the opportunity to work with it professionally.

I’ve also heard there will be chances to see breweries, bike races and have nice dinners and it will be nice to see what Grand Rapids has to offer.

In May, Matt Fletcher from Atomic will continue this program by joining us for a week and everyone at Citerus are looking forward to his arrival!

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