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Best leadership book about amplifying talent

The book Multipliers (How the best leaders make everyone smarter) summarizes data from more than 200 leaders analysed by Liz Wiseman and Standford researcher Greg McKeown, extracting what differentiates the leaders blocking and amplifying talent accordingly to the people they lead.

How to evolve your leadership

Wiseman offers great insights and concrete examples on how to evolve your leadership, seen from five main points:

  • How to become a Liberator who unleash others thinking by stopping to dominate the space and encourage others to speak up.
  • Concrete actions you can take in order to foster rational decision making and stop blocking others to act by becoming a Debate Maker.
  • The way to become a Talent Magnet who see and broadcast skills in team members, connect them with right fitted opportunities and stop limiting people to clear roles and structures.
  • How to truly delegate ownership and become an Investor, finding the balance between control and trust.
  • Practical examples showing you how to set direction and become a Challenger who stretches the teams and organizational capacity to achieve incredible results.

Fantastic resource for all leaders and leadership coaches

This book is a fantastic resource for all leaders and leadership coaches in modern organizations who are navigating the balance between autonomy and alignment. If you are striving to maximize the impact you have on the people you lead, increasing productivity and unlocking people to reach their full potential this is a book I highly recommend. The book has been greatly appreciated among operational leaders working in product owner roles and executive manager roles who I have worked with through my teaching and leadership coaching.

For those of you who have already tapped in to the research on mindset and psychological safety you will most certainly find this book resonating with you.

Have you read it? What did you think?

By Sandra Ahnkron

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