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Getting ready for my next assignment

It is a lot of tension starting a new assignment. Especially when you get to work with clients where ambitions are high. Being a consultant I have trained myself to effectively release that tension, avoiding self doubt.

Sleep restores my energy and forms my memory
Having that extra boost of energy, and increased stress level when starting something new I set a time when I need to be in bed.

Exercise my body is key
Strength training makes me more decisive. Boxing gives me more confidence to stand my ground and challenge others when needed. Dance always picks up my mood and makes me more playful. I experience running as a great stress releaser. As is sex. Combining different kinds of exercise to give me what I need, that is my most powerful tool. 

Meditation and yoga gives me that inner peace
Yoga makes me more aware, peaceful, a better listener. Breath and relax. Let words from colleagues at Citerus sink in: Just be you and it will all go well. You already have so much experiences and so much to give. Don’t push yourself to learn more just now. Trust yourself. Finding balance, being centered is so important when entering. Having quieted my own inner voices allows me to feel, hear and see more.

Boost my confidence and summarize what I have to offer
Re-reading previous references or writing down what others have said gives me clarity in what I am offering others. That’s the start for me writing my “speech” of who I am and why I am there. My challenge is usually limiting myself, so making that into a one liner is what I aim at.

Reading a book, sharings on Linkedin and listen to podcasts 
Yes I do continue learning, but just my usual amount. Trusting in myself and taking care of my body, mind and spirit are far more important.

What do you usually do before starting a new assignment or job?

By Sandra Ahnkron

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